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New England Twists
Hand-Crafted Maine Jewelry By Doug McIver

(Click on image to view entire piece)
Gray pearl strand necklace Aventurine strand bracelet with gold spirals Multi-colored strand bracelet with gold spirals Tiger's eye strand bracelet with silver spirals Multi-colored strand necklace Champagne pearl strand bracelet

Spirals are sterling silver or 1/20  14K gold-filled

(Please ask for pricing for gold.)

Note: These strands are a great improvement over traditional designs.  The attractive adjustable spiral clasps allow you to choose any length between 15.5 and 20 inches.

If you shorten the necklace, the extra spirals can be worn as a subtle detail on the nape of the neck. They can also be positioned in the front like a Y necklace.  Or they can be placed off-center to create a scarf-like effect.

Strand Stone choices Bracelets
(adjust from
6 in. to 9 in.)
(Adjusts from 
15.5 in. to 20 in.)
Aventurine Aventurine $18 $39
Black Onyx Black Onyx $18 $39
Light Chinese Jade Light Chinese jade $18 $39
Hematite Round Hematite Round $18 $39
Tiger Eye Tiger's Eye $18 $39
Sodalite Sodalite $18 $39
Rhodonite Rhodonite $18 $39
Rose Quartz Rose quartz $18 $39
Smoky Quartz Smoky quartz $18 $39
Fresh Water Pearls-White White pearl $18 $39
Amethyst Amethyst $18 $39
Multi-colored stones 
(click for examples A and B of many possible combinations)
$18 $39

All work is guaranteed.  All stones are authentic.  If you are not happy with any design, please feel free to contact us.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

last updated May 16, 2013
Copyright Katherine McIver